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Google Adsense for Non US Websites

This article relates to effectiveness of Google Adsense to Non US ( Non United States ) Websites. As to how with Google Adsense many Non US ( Non United States ) Websites have become economically viable.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Google Adsense for Non US Websites / Blogs

Hello Net Friends,

Today I at http://www.hellonetfriends.com/ am going to share with you something which shall give you a new look about this Internet & Internet Age. There are millions of Websites & Trillion of WebPages on the Internet & of course each one is a creation of some human being only ( Any alien cannot make any website). Out of these so many websites on the net, very few were making money online earlier but from the last few years after starting of "Google's Adsense Program" many websites have started making money worldwide , whosoever, joined "Google's Adsense Program". In fact Google has made millions of Websites across the world economically viable through its Adsense Program.

Adsense Program is nothing but displaying Google ads on your website / blog, once it is approved by Google. From there on Dollars come flowing in daily even when you are sleeping. For that, basic thing is that you should have a Website / Blog which is rich in content , whom readers love to read & where you can put your Google ads through Google Adsense Program. How to Start your Own Website / Blog / Your Internet Business, there is lot of reading on the net regarding that & of course you can Get that through Google search anytime , anywhere.

Here are few good Examples, how Adsense has Worked well with people outside USA also. A Doctor in Indonesia who used to run his Blog on health related Topics for time pass on net, starting earning few 100 Dollars per month, the day he put Google ads through Adsense Program on his Blog.

A “Hobby Personal page” made by a friend of mine who is in Software Programmer, Started earning some odd 100 Dollars a months out of his Webpage just by Joining Adsense Program of Google. You know, in India, One Dollar converts to 45 Indian Rupees ( Rupee is India's Currency ). So he has Started earning some 4500 Rupees per month which is a Good Sum as per Indian Money as you can buy lot many things with that money , in fact in India a small family can run their home for full one month with that money.

A person in Philippines who was running a Cyber Cafe, just Started making similar good amount through his Website. Now he earns well Through Google Adsense to buy Luxury Items for his Family at Home & his Standard of living is Improving day by day due to Adsense Money. Out side USA, mainly in Asian Countries & South Asian Countries, you know, One USA dollar coverts to Multiple of their own country’s currencies, so people are able to earn good amount in their own currency if few dollars per day are also earned through Google Adsense Program. So, I would advise all outside people in countries outside USA , who are running a Website , a Blog or want to make their own Website or Blog that Google Adsense is the best Program to make money on the net. Other affiliate programs on the net hardly pay you anything on the net if you are not a USA resident. So Friends Join Google Adsense & Start earning money today.